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The first time I say an Akita Inu I was really captivated by its beauty and the deep gaze in her eyes.  Fascinated by this breed I became a dog breeder.  Ever since this time I share this passion with all who wish to own one and who love animals.

I am really happy to be a dog breeder especially for a dog that amazes me every day because of the bond of friendship and respect.  Even seeing them every day I still find them fascinating.

It's the kind of dog I always wanted that combines beauty and brains. This is not only a good guard dog but a good pet that loves the children it protects.

In this site you'll find a passion, creations of my breeding types, its majestic selections, my female, male and standard.

Mr. Suard has been, for me, a great breeder and one of the greatest handlers of the Akita Inu.

Raising Dragons of the Red Sun makes him part of this site, a large well-deserved tribute to his devotion to this breed.










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